• Judge 1 - Season 3

    Season 3 Judges will be announced shortly
    Judge 1 - Season 3
  • Judge 2 - Season 3

    Season 3 Judges will be announced shortly

    Judge 2 - Season 3
  • Shivanshu Soni - Judge Season 2

    " I am amazed to see the talent at RDX Season 2. It was a privilege to judge the contestants here"

    Shivanshu Soni - Judge Season 2
  • Ashwini Soni - Judge Season 2

    "I am glad to see young dancers performing on such a big stage. Thanks Team RDX for organizing such a talent show"

    Ashwini Soni - Judge Season 2
  • Divya Goswami - Judge Season 1

    "Thanks Team RDX to invite me as Judge for the Classical Dance Category. I am glad to see the decent participation in this very first season"

    Divya Goswami - Judge Season 1
  • King Bolt - Judge Season 1

    "I didn't have any support when I started my career and I had to struggle a lot but RDX is an amazing platform for the upcoming generations I believe"

    King Bolt - Judge Season 1


Welcome to the exhilarating world of dance

Show Your Talent

Step into the spotlight and showcase your passion for dance at the RDX Dance Championship!

Get the Chance to Present yourself

An electrifying platform where talent takes center stage, this competition invites dancers of all styles and backgrounds to unleash their creativity and captivate audiences with their mesmerizing performances.

About RDX

Enter the dynamic realm of dance, where rhythm, passion, and creativity fuse to craft enchantment on stage. With the onset of RDX Dance Championship Season 3, we joyfully invite you on an unforgettable journey celebrating the artistry and talent within the dance community. The championship has evolved into a platform that unites diverse dancers under one electrifying roof, setting new benchmarks in artistic expression. Season 3 promises an extravaganza of creativity and brilliance as performers from across the country showcase unparalleled talent in various styles. Beyond the competition, the championship embodies a deeper narrative of camaraderie, growth, and community.

Watch RDX Performances

Session 1 & 2

What is so different in RDX Season 3

No Audition Fee

In the heart of dance, there’s a rhythm that knows no boundaries of wealth or status. In our past seasons, we’ve come to realize that some passionate dancers have been held back from participating due to the audition fee we traditionally charged. While our intent was to support the underprivileged, we understand that this fee posed a barrier. To ensure inclusivity and to honor the talent that knows no bounds, we’ve made a pivotal decision for Season 3 – we will not be charging any audition fee.

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New Categories added

But that’s not all. In our relentless pursuit of celebrating the spirit of dance, we’re introducing two new categories that resonate with the passion of moms and dads. Alongside our existing four categories, we’re proud to announce the addition of the “Best Dancing Mom” and “Best Dancing Dad” categories.

Explore The World of dance

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  • SOLO JUNIOR – Up to 14 years/ SOLO SENIOR – Above 14 years
  • DUET – No age bar
  • GROUP – No age bar
  • CLASSICAL – No age bar
  • BEST DANCER MOM – No age bar
  • BEST DANCER DAD – No age bar
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Most frequent questions and answers

Approximately 10 days before your competition, you will receive a final email or message including the performance schedule.

Yes! All competitions are open to the participating dance institutes and their families 

We do have a professional photographer and videographer at our event and offer FREE photos and videos, which will be available to download within 3 weeks after the event.

You can also visit our event results page and many of our social media sites for additional photos and videos

Yes, we do accept independent entries for the competition. You can also apply through your dance school to compete at RDX. 

  • SOLO Junior – Up to 14 years
  • SOLO Senior – Above 15 years
  • DUET  There is no age bar in this category.
  • GROUP Dance – There is no age bar in this category.

We do not have a limit as to how many solos a particular dancer can compete, however, soloists may only place once in the top 50 in their perspective age category.

Once you qualify, you will be assigned a time slot for the Grand Finale to perform in from of the Judges who will then shortlist the top 3 in each category

  • You can download your pics from the event gallery or you can ask your edited performance videos in a pen drive at a nominal fee of Rs. 300/-